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Meet Me!


  • B!RTHF!T Coach; 2018 & 2021

  • B!RTHF!T Leader

  • Crossfit Trainer L1; 2012

  • Crossfit Trainer L2; 2017 

  • USA Weightlifting

  • DNS Exercise I 

  • Crossfit Mobility

  • Always a student of life! 

Professional Background

  • Bachelors of Science in Nursing '13

  • Emergency Department RN at Level 1 Trauma Center

  • Active Crossfit trainer 2012-2019

  • Mom of two :) 


My Story

The short story is that I’m here to share my passion for health and wellness with you, especially in supporting women with intentional training in their journey through the motherhood transition. How I got here is the long story!

From 12-13 years old I have been drawn to information on health/wellness/nutrition (cruising MSN back in the day for workouts to do in my basement). I knew I wanted a career related to those topics and finally settled on a major in Nursing -- with a side of Crossfit trainer :). My love of fitness was fueled by collegiate lacrosse, endurance running, functional fitness competitions, and a slew of outdoor sports growing up in Utah.


An interest in Women's Health was teased out during some foreign humanitarian trips as I realized what an exponential impact women and their health had on their families, communities, and truly the whole world. When women are supported, the world changes for the better. My interest grew as I turned a corner in my personal life preparing to start my own family. Through years in the fitness & coaching world I realized there was a super massive black hole of missing accessible information, research, education, resources etc. for expecting women to prepare for birth and postpartum in the way I was searching for. It felt like there should be more. Thankfully I had been exposed to B!RTHF!T and signed up for a coach seminar just before getting pregnant for the first time in 2018. 

This was a pivotal turning point in my life and significantly shifted how I approached my training, my perspective on my body, how I breathe, my mindset, and my entire motherhood journey for the better.


I am now a mother of two amazing little girls. I want them to see a world where women can expect to be supported with the resources they need to thrive in their growth as women and mothers. We can do better, and we MUST. 


My goal is to share what I have  learned (and am continuing to learn!) with others in a way that will support them through what is often the most transformative experience of their lives.           

                                                                                              -breathe easy,


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