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Postpartum Series

(not currently scheduled)

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This is where the magic happens. This series was created in 2013 to address a giant chasm in postpartum care in America. (Why do we have rehab protocols for countless injuries and procedures…but nothing for rehabbing the core & pelvic floor postpartum? Kegels aren’t going to cut it.) Cultural expectations around birth sound like "BOUNCE back... get your Body BACK...Get that PRE-baby body bootcamp..." That type of click-bait and mis-guided message just grates on my soul. Those are the last things a new mother needs to hear during such a sacred (and challenging!) time. She needs SPACE and SUPPORT. Her focus needs to be on her new relationship with baby and her healing, which is where BIRTHFIT comes in.


Navigating how to heal from birth is not always intuitive. "Doing whatever feels ok" and "listening to your body" is a great start, but is not always enough. There are plenty of mommy-programs out there, but BIRTHFIT is focused on providing the best rehabilitation solutions for intentional recovery that will serve the mother for her entire life. I want you to be able to return to whatever fitness avenue you choose, and help you avoid symptoms of core and pelvic floor dysfunction such as losing bladder control or pelvic pain.


Each class is geared towards building a strong foundation and addressing the needs of a postpartum athlete (birth is an athletic event!). I would love to to meet you wherever you are at on your journey.


xo, Sadee                                       

Personalized Coaching

Message me for information on getting a free virtual consult to help you decide how I can best meet your needs in whatever season of life you are in right now. 

Private Session Pricing

($75/per session) 1 on 1 in person Personal Session 60-75min

($60/per session) Package of 2+ personal sessions

Prenatal Series

In the works! Reach out with questions or for prenatal private coaching options.

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